This course will help you effectively develop employment application materials for today’s job market 
by honing your resume writing skills, providing you with tools to create an impressive resume (or to improve the one you already have), and giving suggestions on developing an effective cover letter. 
The professional world can be full of challenging situations, including conflicting personalities, miscommunication, and cultural differences. In this course, you will learn about typical workplace etiquette protocols, communication standards, and cultural awareness strategies in order to navigate these common obstacles as smoothly as possible. 
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This course is designed to provide adult learners with the basic skills  Professional Writing is designed to provide adult learners with the basic skills they need to write effective documents in the workplace. In this course, you will learn how to analyze your audience so that you can write prose that is both clear and persuasive. You will practice writing common business documents, such as emails, memos, proposals, and presentations. Youthey need to write effective documents in the workplace. 

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This course is intended to help you showcase your personality, strengths, interests,  and abilities to potential employers through the interview process. 
A survey of several time management tools and techniques
 that can be applied to most work and life situations. 
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the purpose of this course is to systematically examine the elements and factors which result in an effective speech.  The textbook and associated lectures present an element-by-element examination of the essentials of public speaking while also identifying traits of the individual speaker and how they impact preparation and presentation.
This course will help prepare you to conduct public relations suitable for small start-up businesses
, international companies, political campaigns, social programs, personal development
, and other outreach projects.
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This course will introduce you to communication principles,
 common communication practices and a selection of theories to better understand the communication transactions that you experience in your daily life. 
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